Megalithic Walk around Västra Kävlinge

This was quite an ambitious route I’ve planned. Early in the morning I took a bus up to Bärsebackshamn and slowly, but surely, walked myself back to Kävlinge’s train station. The whole walk was 18,5 km long. In retrospect it could have been much shorter since I’ve not made it to Ljunghög. Tricky access, an overwhelming feeling of trespassing and blisters on my feet made me skip that part. Next time I’d like to explore Barsebäckshamn shore, to see the burial mounds instead.


Gillhög can be found on the highest point in the Barsebäck area. From here there is a beautiful view on Öresund and crop fields.

Gillhög comes from the late Stone Age, but has been used for multiple burials for a long time. The mound has been excavated in early 1930s. Archeologists found skeletal remains and some artifacts: amber beads and flint tools, but those were dated as younger than passage grave itself. There were also two stone-cists in the mound; those were added much later too. The grave has undergone restoration twice; in 1986 and 2014, to allow safe visits.


A nice walk along the village roads takes me to Hofterup where another ancient monument is located. It rests on a well maintained meadow, a perfect location for a picnic or a nap. Hofterupsdösen has been restored as it has lost its cap sometime in the last century. It has been excavated twice, once in 1830, and again a century later. No interesting artifacts has been found besides some broken ceramic pieces. The dolmen comes from the younger Stone Age.

Karaby backar

The next stage of the walk is mostly well… walking. The sighting of a hill in a distance keeps me company as I head towards Kävlinge. The area is actually a protected site, as it consists 11 mounds and many remains of past habitation. This is definitely a material for another trip, which I will make sure to do soon.

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